Welcome to Majestic Hotel & Spa

Fine craftsmanship, integrity and tradition, these are the core values of our company. Hospitality is a vital part of the fibre of Majestic International.

We have evolved a great deal over our 90+ year history, while staying true to our mission of creating quality products and quality service. Majestic International is very proud to offer the finest bathrobe selection specifically designed to meet the challenges of our esteemed hotel, spa and resort clients.

Classic in design, we concentrate on the construction of our products from soft and subtle waffle robes to tailored microfiber robes through to our elegant terry velour collections. Others may produce robes, we create an attitude that begins with the fibres of our cloth and extends to our fine designs and quality finished product. Majestic International is an experienced tailor in the truest sense.

We grace the finest four and five star properties worldwide. Guests that have enjoyed a stay at the Fairmont Resorts and Spas, Ritz Carlton Resorts, Delta, Westin, Renaissance and Marriott to name a few, have likely enjoyed our robes.

We maintain a comprehensive “In-Stock Program” and can deliver quickly and efficiently. Listening and responding to your requirements is of utmost importance to us, and allows us to create specialized custom and corporate programs with full-service embroidery. It is our pleasure to answer and respond to your challenges and specialized needs.

Our state of the art facility with an ultra-modern, European warehousing and conveyor system illustrates the respect we have for our products. Whether from our head office or our satellite offices, we take great pride in quickly responding to all of our customer needs.

From the finest department stores to the most unique boutique hotel, spa or resort, you can count on Majestic. We look forward to being your valued supplier of fine bathrobes and resort wear.