Tofino Cotton Waffle
October 25, 2019
Woven Waffle Kimono (Eco-Friendly)
June 18, 2018


Elevate your accommodations with something new and trendy. Our denim robes equate with lounging, comfort, and nature. Our Terry Lined Kimono is the best of both worlds with a relaxed, soft exterior coupled with a thirsty, cotton-rich lining ideal for sitting on the porch, post hot tub, or cooler days & nights. The unlined Kimono will surprise your guest with relevance & comfort and is lightweight.

STYLE 1 0 5 8 3

Lined Denim Kimono

STYLE 1 0 5 8 1

Unlined Denim Kimono

Outer Shell: 100% Cotton
Knit Terry Lining: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

WEIGHT:  280 gr/m²

COLOUR:  #400 Denim