Satin Jacquard Kimono
June 17, 2022

mount royal

Our Mount Royal is the Mercedes of our hotel collection. The drop needle construction provides an upscale identity and sets your property apart from the others. The zero twist yarns make the robe thick and thirsty yet resistant to snags and pulls as it is made from long staple cotton. Cocoon your customer in luxury in updated traditionnal terry.

STYLE 1 0 4 8 8

Textured Terry Shawl

47” length
65” sweep
31” slv length

51” length
69” sweep
33” slv length

52” length
77” sweep
33” slv length

3X / 4X
53” length
85” sweep
35” slv length

FABRIC CONTENT:  100% Cotton

WEIGHT:  420 gr/m²

COLOUR:   #100 White